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Longship Luxury Goods was originally owned by Eric Edler and Michele took over after his death in 2017.

Michele Edler owns Longship Luxury Goods , Longship Beauty Salon (Travelling salon) and Dragontraders Clothing.

All the clothing is made by Michele and her helpers, all the designs in the historical clothing is from documentable sources. Michele Has been sewing and making patterns for over 20yrs. She got started in the SCA (Society for Creative Anachronism) and is known by her people in the society as Lady Eddie.

Her love of history has made it easy for her to translate that into outerwear and her fantasy and whimsy creative side comes out in her Faerie Collection clothing. Learning how to work leather into pouches, bags and belts and make drinking horns was something Eric taught Michele. All the items are made with positive intentions and love.



Greg Chatfield (Ívarr Eiríksson in the SCA)

Has Been Attending SCA events on and off since 2001 and has been seriously playing for the last 3 years. Within those three years, he has won several archery tournaments, learned to brew mead and cider, started learning to fight and became a squire, and dusted off all the tools in his garage to start crafting! He has also served on two princess guards (so far) and joined up with the Fenris Helier War Unit.

Ívarr’s talents range from wood working and leather working, to metal work and chain mail (both for armor and jewelry). He has laced together 3 sets of lamellar for SCA combat (so far) and has started making hidden plastic armor for sale with his squire brothers. Through his wood working talents, he has engineered a portable armor stand and archery tack box. Ívarr also enjoys cooking and baking and usually makes too much!

He is currently learning to dish and planish mild steel to make his next helm and is working on constructing an Oseberg slat bed to make sleeping at events more comfortable. Ívarr also plans to learn some fiber arts such as inkle/tablet weaving and anything else that sparks his creative interest (guess he’s going to have to make a loom…).



Halfdan Thrainsson

I do a little bit of everything... Leather work, armoring and armor repair, and art of various mediums. I've been playing in the SCA since 2010 and seriously playing for the last four years. I am squired to the late Viscount Sir Eric Von Steinhaus. I also hold the rank of Craftsman Brewer. My squire brothers and I operate Three Brothers Armory, purveyors of streamline plastic armor.